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Al Qahtani PCK Pipe Company
Al Qahtani PCK Pipe Company (AQPCK) is a Saudi-Chinese Joint Venture Company with Abdel Hadi A. Al Qahtani & Sons Group (AHQ).
28 4 (O.D.)
Outside Diameter
(HFW) Pipes with Outside Diameter (O.D.) from 8" up to 28",
60 mm
Wall Thickness
Wall Thickness (W.T.) up to 60mm
64 (O.D.)
Outside Diameter
(SAWL) Pipes with Outside Diameter (O.D.) From 16" up to 64"
300000 (T/Y)
Production Capacity
Production Capacity Up To 300,000 Tons/Year

Why Us.

AQPCK is getting the technical know-how and technology development from PCK China during the production and company operation.
Our CNC controlled machines are optimized for high forming accuracy and efficiency.
Specialized in welding technique up to five (5) wires with automatic tracking system.
Advanced NDT systems for different solutions.
A highly qualified team of experienced engineers and motivated workers.
Our Values


Teamwork to ensure optimal performance and highest quality products.

High Quality

Efficiently provide high quality product and services to our clients.


Continually improve product quality and management systems.

High Satisfaction

Meet customers’ requirements and exceed customers’ expectations to constantly enhance their satisfaction.

Going Green

Preservation of the environment.


Maintain the health and safety of company's staff and visitors.

Various Applications

To satisfy the various needs of diverse industries and achieve sustainable development, AQPCK has dedicated to manufacture the high quality pipes, and which are widely used for transmission of oil and gas (both onshore and offshore), petrochemical, mining, coal chemical industrycity, ocean engineering, infrastructure construction, gas, water and others.


AQPCK is giving the highest priority to the health and safety of its employees, contractors and customers. The company not only implements safety practices to encourage personnel to reduce and prevent risks, but also carries out a number of actions such as hazard identification and risk assessment, implementation of safe practices and training to raise awareness among its employees. AQPCK has committed itself to comply with relevant environment laws and regulations, motivate environment protection among its employees and implement an emergency response system in order to prevent pollution and minimize the environment impact of its operations.


AQPCK has committed to establish and maintain a quality management system based on ISO 9001 and API SPEC Q1, to keep its quality updated and continuously improve its performance. A very qualified quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) team is to ensure the manufacturing in line with required specifications which are reflected in detailed QA/QC instructions to assure that the relevant work instructions match with the quality management system and the client's requirement. Any necessary improvements can be undertaken based on assessments and audits in addition to its extensive operational experience.

Production Line

This is a large diameter longitudinal submerged arc welded (SAWL) pipe production line. The mill adopts progressive bending process, featuring evenly distributed forming stress, high uniformity of dimension, infinite sizes variation and with wide poduct range. It is capable of producing pipes of much higher thicknesses.

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P.O. Box 7465, Dammam 31462 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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24/7 Support 966 3 8261477 - 966 3 8261635
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